The Old Man and the Sea

Explain the reaction of the community when he returned.


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At the time he returned everyone was asleep.... but their reactions upon waking were varied;

"Many fishermen were around the skiff looking at what was lashed beside it and one was in the water, his trousers rolled up, measuring the skeleton with a length of line."

The proprietor told Manolin to pass on a message;

"Tell him how sorry I am.”

Pedrico acted as a friend taking care of his things;

“Pedrico is looking after the skiff and the gear.

The tourists, they just watched;

"That afternoon there was a party of tourists at the Terrace and looking down in the water among the empty beer cans and dead barracudas a woman saw a great long white spine with a huge tail at the end that lifted and swung with the tide while the east wind blew a heavy steady sea outside the entrance to the harbor."

Manolin took care of the old man..... too many quotes to list here. You might want to choose your favorites from the text.


The Old Man and the Sea