The Old Man and the Sea

confusion from relations

can anyone tell me why the quote "wisdom and balance is not necessarily the result of education" can be related to the old man and the sea?

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wisdom and balance in relation to this story to me is that the "wisdom" would come from his life on a ship as a young lad. The country he remembered, not the title of a book, the things he seen, the life he lived brought him wisdom, not the words from a book. His wisdom would be far more from experience than from "reading it in a book". His wisdom went far beyond that level. He also had the wisdom to "balance" is belief's as a fisherman and the wisdom to know "fishing" whether in life or in reality requires wisdom and balance. He showed this in his decision to venture far beyond the great wall to find the great fish. He not only showed wisdom, (in both ways, good and bad) and the balance in deciding that the fish would not beat him, but the balance in knowing he had suceeded in capturing the fish, but the wisdom to be humble in knowing that life is not all about catching the biggest, but in succeeding in playing the game and knowing when life's events grant us balance and wisdom.

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i want a video of a teacher that learn me the old man and the sea

Wow, I think that was a great post Kathy - thank you!