The Odyssey

why was Polyphemus the worst host Odysseus had?


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Polyphemus certainly is not a good host. The Cyclops, named Polyphemus, notices Odysseus and his men and asks who they are. Odysseus introduces themselves and asks for any help he can provide, warning him not to offend Zeus, the god of hospitality. Polyphemus ridicules this idea; he does not care about the gods. Instead, he asks where Odysseus' ship is; the crafty leader lies and says it was wrecked and that they are the only survivors. Polyphemus grabs two of Odysseus' men, beats them dead, and eats them whole while the other men watch, powerless. Polyphemus then goes to sleep in his doorway, preventing Odysseus from killing him, as they would not be able to move aside his huge dead body to escape.