The Odyssey

why does the cyclops invite odysseus back to the island?

At this he gave a mighty sob and rumbled:
'Now comes the weird upon me, spoken of old.
A wizard, grand and wondrous, lived here—Telemus,
a son of Euryinus; great length of days
he had in wizardry among the Cyclopes,
and these things he foretold for time to come:
my great eye lost, and at Odysseus' hands.
Always I had in mind some giant, armed
in giant force, would come against me here.
But this, but you—small, pitiful and twiggy—
you put me down with wine, you blinded me.
Come back, Odysseus, and I'll treat you well,
praying the god of earthquake to befriend you—
his son I am, for he by his avowal
fathered me, and if he will, he may
heal me of this black wound—he and no other
of all the happy gods or mortal men.’

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Cyclops wants some revenge for what Odysseus did to him (got him drunk and blinded him).

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