The Odyssey

why did the suitors hate telemachus

how they ahd treated him bad and how they talked about him behind his back, and how they sunt him on the boat to go find hiks father think that he was going to die on the journey looking and they was going to try to take over and marry penelope.

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They wanted to make sure that he would quit believing his father was coming home; they viewed him as weak and very much unlike his father.  He seemed not to be strong, fearless, or warriorlike.  He had grown up without the guidance of his father - the great Odysseus - and was therefore unable to help his mother protect the island and kingdom of Ithaca.

Telemakhos intends to banish the suitors from the lands he holds for his father. The men have run rampant in their home and disgraced themselves with their behavior. The men hate Telemakhos because he stands in the way of one of them marrying his mother.