The Odyssey

who is circe in book 12 of the odyssey

The Odyssey

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Circe generally refers to the Greek goddess. She is most well-known for her role in the Odyssey.

In Homer's Odyssey, Circe is a witch, who lives in a mansion on the island Aeaea, surrounded by a dense forest. Circe is possibly a minor goddess of magic. Around her house, there are strangely docile (calm and trained) lions and wolves, the victims of her magic potions.

Circe lures Odysseus men, and gives them a feast meat and wine. She had poisoned the drink with magical potions. She turns the men into pigs, saying that that is what men are and deserve to be. One man was suspicious, so he didn't eat anything and later ran back to the ship to warn the men who had stayed behind to guard the ship, including Odysseus. Later Circe transforms the men back after sleeping with Odysseus, and being convinced by him to let him and his men be released. Odysseus stays with her for a year. She later directs Odysseus to consult Teiresias in the underworld before leaving.

She was the daughter of Helios (A former sun god).