The Odyssey

What challenges and temptations did Odysseus face in the Odyssey?

I already know that no gods helped him, only goddesses. I also know that he faced the cyclops, sriens, and suitors. When I looked up this question I was told he was away from his home for 20 years. Any answers would be greatly appricated, thanks. (Answer only pretains to the Odyssey and no other book, movie, or story)

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He was away from home for twenty years because he had to go to the Trojan War and fight for 10 years. Then he made the claim that he was stronger than the gods - not a good way to keep the gods on your side. Further, he blinds the Cyclops - he is a son of Poseidon who is now even more angry at Odysseus than he already was. He is destined to be away from home until the gods finally decide to give the explorer a break.