The Odyssey

What are examples of Xenia, Nostos, Kleos and Hubris in book 12 the odyssey ?

I need some examples for my finals please help 

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Temptation again takes center stage in this book. Odysseus' crew falls victim to temptation, sacrificing and feasting on the oxen of Helios, and earning the wrath of the gods in return.

Odysseus, too, is tempted by the song of the Seirenes. However, by lashing himself to the mast, he exercises self-control when he knows he would otherwise have none. In this regard, he indulges in a fantasy of temptation: he can enjoy the beauty of the Seirenes' song without any attendant punishment. This unscathed brand of temptation is similar to his infidelities, in that he is able to sleep with other women under the guise of his mission's necessity.

The opposite of temptation, one might argue, is fear; instead of looking forward to melting temptingly in guilty pleasures, the fearful person has anxiety about future punishments. Odysseus wisely withholds information about Skylla from his crew, who have shown themselves to be vulnerable to both temptation and fear. Were he to tell them about Skylla, they might have panicked and lost more than six men.

Yet Odysseus is far from heartless, and he mourns the men's deaths along with his surviving mates. His crew has slowly been losing men here and there (and, finally, everyone but Odysseus at the end of this book) and a certain indifference to death seems to have been built up, but Odysseus refers to the sight of Skylla eating his men as "far the worst I ever suffered" (334).



I already read that but i don't know which sentence is for Xenia , Nostos , Huvris and Kleos , if you can tell me that will be so good i'll be appreciated

You need to look up the deffinition of your words to begin with.

Kleos is the Greek word often translated to "renown", or "glory".

Hubris means excessive pride or self-confidence.

Then you should be able to find them in the anaysis. 

Okay i know now Hubris and Kleos but i still dont get Xenia and Nostos