The Odyssey

The greeks won the war using a trick called_______ _______?

i need this answer for a test on "The Odyssey" please help me! i did not read the book!

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The war went on for ten years. Some famous people were Achilles, Paris, and Hector. The Greeks won by building a big wooden horse. This became named the Trojan Horse. Some Greek people hid inside the horse, and the rest put the horse on the shore and left in their boats. The Trojans saw the horse and thought that the Greeks had surrendered (stopped trying to win the war). They thought that the horse was a present. They dragged the horse into Troy and celebrated their victory. When night fell, the Greeks hiding inside the horse opened the city gates and set fire to the houses. The Greeks who had left in their boats, had just pretended to leave to trick the Trojans. They had actually just hidden behind islands. They returned and won the war. The trick was thought up by Odysseus (or Ulysses as he was also known), King of the small island of Ithaca.