The Odyssey

question 2

[line 125-132] 2)what is the significance of this decision? What does this quote reveal about Odysseus and his values?

says: My men came pressing round me, pleading: 'why not take these cheeses, get them stowed, come back, throw open all the pens, and make a run for it? We'll drive the kids and the lambs aborad. We say put out again on good salt water!' how sound that was! Yet i refused. Iwished to see the caveman, what he had to offer-- no pretty sight it turned out, for my friends.

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There was a plan to steal from the cave men but Odysseus would rather stay and check them out. Odysseus would rather check the place out and face whatever there is to fear. Stealing ends up costing the men dearly. 

This quote reveals a major flaw in Odysseus's character, which is the presence of hubris. In his curiosity and pride, he'd rather let his own instincts lead him. He feels that he is too superior to take advice from any of his men, and this ends up with the sacrifice of two of his men to the hands of the Cyclops, Polyphemus. Later on in the book he learns to give heed to the guidance of others.