The Odyssey

odysseus as a false hero

In the Odyssey Odysseus did lots of things that wouldn’t be considered heroic now a day, what did he do and are there a good quotes to infancies that? Thank you for helping!

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The classic reason for considering Odysseus an anti-hero or false hero is his tendency towards deceitfulness and trickery. See the following quote from Helen:

(Helen:) ‘He flagellated himself with degrading strokes, then threw on a worthless sheet about his shoulders. He looked like a servant. So he crept into the wide-wayed city of the men he was fighting, disguising himself in the likeness of somebody else, a beggar, one who was unlike himself beside the ships of the Achaians, but in his likeness crept into the Trojan’s city, and they all were taken in.’ (4.244-250)