The Odyssey

In Book 13, why Odysseus made up story how he came to Ithaca?

In book 13, I want ask why Odysseus made up story how he came to Ithaca when talking with Athena, a shepered in disguise. Was it merely his penchant to lie everyone? or there were other reasons that made him to do so?

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I think Odysseus just did not want to give his real story to a stranger. He knows the perils of strangers and strange places.Odysseus awakens, thinking he is in a strange land. Athena comes to him in the form of a shepherd and informs him he is in Ithaca. Odysseus makes up a story about how he came to Ithaca. Athena turns into a woman and good-naturedly tells him she knows he is lying, and then reveals her identity.

But Odysseus had known that he was in his homland, why he thought there would be dangers if he told the read story to strangers?