The Odyssey

book 21: (srry im sick & cant remember much :(. )How does the order in which Odysseus reveals himself to his friends & loved ones throughout these last books build suspense?

i did read the 'source' on my last question

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I think this comes after book 21. Odysseus is trying to see who his true friends are by how they react to him before he reveals himself. 

Odyssues starts with the swineherd and the cowherd because he knows that for sure they will both believe him and "have his back" when the time (when Odyssues wins the bow contest) eventually comes. The people that he revealed himself to are people that he knows with absolute certainty will fight for/ with him when it comes down to it.


I just read the Odyssey and I just understood it, didn't really need to go anywhere to find this answer. I created it from my knowledge.