The Necklace

What 2 actions are taken by this couple to ensure that Mme. Loisel will feel beautiful at the party?


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She gets the necklace and a dress.

Her husband gave her money for the dress;

Nevertheless he said: "Very well. I'll give you four hundred francs. But try and get a really nice dress with the money."

Her friend lent her a necklace (the necklace)

"Suddenly she discovered, in a black satin case, a superb diamond necklace; her heart began to beat covetously. Her hands trembled as she lifted it. She fastened it round her neck, upon her high dress, and remained in ecstasy at sight of herself.

Then, with hesitation, she asked in anguish:

"Could you lend me this, just this alone?"

"Yes, of course."


The Necklace