The Name of the Rose

Authors Purpose

What do the inclusions of the seemingly nonsensical images presented through Salvatore's language and Adso's dream add to the development of the author's purpose?

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I have to tell you that I have never read this novel, although I watched the film last week. Because of that, I may not be completely accurate here....... the setting is fantastic, but it's also dark matching the tone of the story. It's cold, rainy, foggy, and desolate........ the structures are gothic, and all of the setting's imagery was conducive to feelings of doom.

Gargoyles and other gothic structures marked the landscape, sometimes seemingly alive for the characters, which created emotional tension. In watching (not reading) we are surrounded by halls, textures, robes, relics, and my favorite, beautifully illuminated texts. Our main character, and sleuth, William walks amongst this eery beauty analyzing documents, footprints (boot prints) and blood stains.

It was a great movie, although I didn't know it had been taken from a novel. Might be time to make a run to the library!