The Most Dangerous Game

write a discription of rainsford

in your own words

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Rainsford is pretty much the perfect male specimen. He is the protagonist of this action/adventure story and is a pretty flat character. When he falls into the dark ocean, a certain "cool headedness" comes over him. He is tall and is a strong swimmer. He is an expert hunter. There isn't too much specific information on his physical appearance but this is strictly an escape sort of story so he is probably dashing.

Rainsford is the "great white hunter" who has spent his whole life hunting the biggest game of all. He is somewhat inured to and bored with all of the killing he has done, and he thinks he is looking for some new hunting challenge. When the story begins, he does not think those that are hunted are frightened, but he finds out soon enough that he is wrong. He thinks quickly and keeps his head even in the most difficult situations.