The Most Dangerous Game

what is the difference between literary and literally ?


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literary refers to literature, books....literally refers to in a literal manner or sense; exactly.

can you bring one example from the book description on both zaroff and rainsford behavior depending on each of the 2 terms ? :)

The whole story is an example of literature or "literary". An example of "literally" is when Rainsford "literally" feels what it is like to be hunted.

yeah , i mean at the far end ? what happened to zaroff literally and literary , moreover , to rainsford literally and literary ?


question by an aristocratic american teacher

Rainsford literally jumped into the ocean. Literary is an adjective pertaining to books.

you classified literary again ?!!! thx :D , but can we say literary he lost his conscious (y)

No you can't, literary refers to a story or work of fiction/non fiction. It means something completely different than "literally" which is an adverb.

what !!! look .... literary : a polite -gentle kind of screenplays that is used to classify things unvisualized ... yes it's different from literally oversure , why then i said the difference!!! but what it's role in the story .