The Most Dangerous Game

what is a good topic sentence for foreshadowing for the "most dangerous game"?

help please

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In the very first chapter, there is an excellent example of foreshadowing.

"What I felt was a -- a mental chill; a sort of sudden dread."


The Most Dangerous Game

now is asking me for the analysis (how the use of the device advanced the plot)?

An analysis of the quote? The two men are traveling in a ship, one gets a creepy feeling, and this is not a normal reaction. His sense of dread foreshadows what he will experience once trapped upon the island. Rainsford's fall from the ship and the water's current make it impossible to get back..... thus, he has to swim toward the sounds that left him mentally chilled.

yes for the quote, my quote was "The worls is made up of 2 classes-the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and i are the hunters"

Sorry, you never gave the quote when you asked the question. In this section, Whitney and Rainsford are talking about the animals they hunt. Whitney believes the animals feel fear; Rainsford does not. Rainsford comments how lucky they are to be the hunted rahter than the huntees. This comment foreshadows his future as Zaroff's prey.