The Most Dangerous Game

What are Rainsford's views on hunters and their prey?

What are Rainsford's views on hunters and their prey? 

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In the beginning of the story, Rainsford and Whitney launch into a discussion of jaguar hunting in the Amazon. Rainsford remarks that hunting is the best sport in the world. Whitney modifies Rainsford’s statement by pointing out that the sport is only fun for the hunter. Rainsford pushes aside his commentary as foolishness for he feels that animals have no understanding of the hunt. Whitney points out that even if they can’t understand complex things, they still understand and experience fear. Rainsford, once again, casts aside his statement as nonsense. Rainsford tells Whitney that the heat has made him emotionally soft. The reality of the world, as Rainsford sees it, is that there are two groups—the hunted and the hunters.