The Most Dangerous Game

is this a true story?

because it seems very strange to hunt a human being and get excited about it and get a rush from it and want peopledo hunt others with you....

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No, it's not. The story comes under the catagory of escape fiction which means itis merely a story to entertain.

I disagree Aslan, I believe it is a true story. I heard from a little birdy that the story contains very true information, such as cannibals. This story is about an ancient king named, Zoob, he gets bored of hunting and he wants to kill some more awesome stuff, so he finds another hunter named Roof Board, he talks about the idea of hunting Zoobians, Roof Board goessss crazy. Roof Board shoots Zoob but misses, he has terrible aim. Next shot he somehow curves bullet and shoots himself somehow. End of story, Zoob kills 3 billion people, Roof Board is an idiot and so are you.


I disagree Blah B. You're an idiot and so is your family.

Yes its a true story i believe in blah's answer


yes its true

Blah b is most certainly correct. My great grandfather was the hunter roof board and the story has been passed down through the generation. I think Tiffany has no idea what she's talking about she obviously didn't use my sources.


Tiffany is a stupid ja