The Most Dangerous Game

in the book the most dangerous game, how do their ideas about hunting bring rainsford and General Zaroff into conflict?

how do their ideas about hunting bring General Zaroff and Rainsford into conflict?

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In the opening of the novel, Rainsford and Zaroff have similar ideas about hunting. Unfortunately, Zaroff's boredom with hunting animals, and Rainsford's unfortunate shipwreck give Rainsford an entirely new perspective.

Rainsford is a great hunter, but he has definite feelings about man's superiority to animals, and the fact he believes animals have no feelings and do not experience fear. When Zaroff hunts him, Rainsford's perspective changes...... the world is still divided into the hunter and the hunted, but in this case, the hunted is human...... and he understands....... he knows fear. The conflict becomes a fight to the death...... the fight to find out which of the men is superior in skill, and which is the most ruthless. Rainsford becomes a killer because it's a game of kill or be killed. Zaroff dies because he instigates and promotes the game.