The Most Dangerous Game

how important is suspense in the story? in what ways is it aroused and sustained?what part do chance and coincidence play in the story?

i already have the first part done so you can start with the second question

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This novel is filled with suspense from start to finish. The "game" is suspense in itself..... and once Rainsford joins the game (the hunt), our attention is sustained by Zaroff's actions and well as Rainsford's reactions. Chance and coincidence don't play a very large part in this novel; the two men...... they leave nothing to chance.


The Most Dangerous Game


I see where Jill is coming from in that the men leave nothing to chance but I'm not sure that is what the question asks. I think plot-wise the whole story hinges on chance and coincidence. This is an escape type of story where both the characters and the plot are unrealistic. We are to believe that Rainsford falls of his boat grabbing his pipe. How does a guy so seasoned in sea travel fall of his own yacht? Rainsford then coincidently ends up on an island where a crazy guy (Zaroff) loves to hunt people because he is bored of hunting animals. The famous hunter hence becomes the hunted. The plot asks us to believe this coincidental (ridiculous) scenario.