The Most Dangerous Game

Has Rainsford changed by the end of the story? do you think he will continue to hunt big game? Why or why not?

How has rainsford changed? is he still going o hunt big game? why or why not

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I suppose when Rainsford is in a tree and reflects that this is how an animal must feel to be hunted tips us off that he has a new attitude. The story, however, is so bizarre that the theme isn't dealt with in any depth. Perhaps Rainsford might think a little more about hunting defenseless animals in the future but I doubt he would start an animal rights movement.

At the end of the story, when Rainsford comments on how comfortable Zaroff's bed feels, it is clear that he killed the general. By casually mentioning how good it feels to sleep there, it seems that Rainsford has adopted General Zaroff's cold attitude toward killing humans, so if he has changed, it may have been a flip-flop: first to feel the terror of being hunted, but then to feel the sweet payoff of victory.