The Most Dangerous Game

Describe Zaroff's dining room. What does his dining room say about Zaroff as a person?

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The dining room is oak-paneled. On the walls are mounted heads of lions, elephants, moose, cape buffalo, and other big game—all outstanding specimens. Elegant china, silver, crystal, and linens grace the table at which Zaroff and Rainsford drink champagne and eat borsch and filet mignon. When Zaroff says hunting is the passion of his life, Rainsford observes that he has always believed the cape buffalo to be the most dangerous big game. Zaroff tells him he is wrong, saying that he hunts “more dangerous game” on the island.


It's huge, gothic and has all kinds of animals stuffed as decor. This tells us Zaroff certainly likes to look grand and he is obsessed with hunting. Considering Zaroff lives in a giant gothic like castle with like five servants tells us he is kind of crazy too.