The Moonlit Road and Other Ghost and Horror Stories

Jill The Great Depression Takes Its Toll

PDF]The Great Depression Takes Its Toll

Churchville‑Chili Central School District

CHAPTER. 22 ... The Great Depression Takes Its Toll ... Section 2. The effects of the Great Depression were heart- breaking. In 1932, for example, not a single


5. What was the destination of most people leaving the southern part of the Dust Bowl?

What does the migration northward from Los Angeles imply?

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Thanks...... same thing, respond and place you link to the pdf in the source box! I have about thirty different history textbooks in my home..... they cite different information. I need to look at the information you've been given.

5) California

6) The migration northward implies that the jobs sought in California were nonexistent. The people had to keep moving.