The Metamorphosis

What is the significance of Gregor’s relationship with and dream for his sister Grete? Is this dream in conflict with other demands upon Gregor?

Chapter 2 only

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Gregor lives his life for his family and is most close to Grete. He hopes for her whatever she wants; he would "go the extra mile" for her in any situation. Does this dream conflict? As long as he provides for the rest of his family, he can do extra things for Grete. She originally is closer to Gregor and tries to help him more. Ultimately, the family does depend on her as the next provider for the family.

Gregor remembers his sister's ability to "play movingly" on the violin. This memory links him to his humanity, where art seemed important. This memory is one of the few that Gregor hits on in an attempt to reestablish the bond with his humanity, lost years ago when he entered the workforce. Gregor had planned to use his earnings to send his sister to the Conservatory, though this was extremely expensive. Not even art is free from the alienation brought on by capitalism, since the development of Grete's talent requires Gregor to surrender his freedom.