The Metamorphosis

What conflicting feelings does Gregor have about having the furniture taken out of his room?

Gregor is upset about his furniture being moved

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Gregor is conflicted because even though removing the furniture allows him more room to be physically comfortable, it also takes away the emotional comfort his own belonging provide him.

Gregor is worried that removing all the furniture from his room is taking the last of his human remnants. These are the last items that makes him feel like a normal human and there being removed from his life. This is the time that “Gregor denies his transformation…” He still believes that he may be human again and this is the last of his human life. He tries to save the picture to save the last of his human life from being taken from him. The intention may be that this is the first time Gregor feels upset with Grete and does not think she has his best interest in mind.