The Metamorphosis

Was there any betrayal in this book

in the metamorphosis

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Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman. He wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into some sort of repulsive and giant insect. Throughout the story Gregor has to personally deal with his physical and emotional change while his family slowly comes to terms to what has happened to him, but unfortunately they don’t embrace this bizarre incident with an open mind and eventually turn their backs on him and are catalysts to his eventual demise. This is an excerpt from a pretty good article on this. There is more detailed stuff on betrayel. You can take a look at it in tne source link below.


Gregor as it can be seen is betrayed by his family. While he is in state of metamorphisis, his family goes on like nothing has ever happened. The lock his door and act as though he does not exisit. They are horrifd by him


the metamophhisis