The Metamorphosis

The significance of the number "3"

the number 3 is recurrent in the metamorphosis.....various small details appear in groups of three.

e.g. 3 doors, 3 tenants, clock chimes 3 times, Gregor appears 3 times outside his room, the book is written in 3 parts.

does anyone know why?

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It may have some religious signifance to the fact the number three appears for example it can be seen as the holy trinity,three persons in one gregor can be seen as one person changing three times.


The metamorphosis

The fact that he died at 3 a.m. as well as the dad attacking him with the apple, which can be construed as a betrayal, are directly referring to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in regards to the apostle Peter who said he would never betray Jesus. Jesus answered this claim by stating that before the cock crowed three times (meaning it is 3 a.m.) Peter would deny him 3 times which he did.


Both of my grandfathers were ordained Baptist ministers, and I was raised in the church.