The Metamorphosis

in the beginning of the section, how does Eurylochus prove himself to have good judgment?

from the Odyssey, book 10

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The men arrive at the island of the goddess Kirke. Odysseus kills a buck and boosts his crew's morale with a great feast. He tells his crew that he saw smoke rising from the forest, but his men, thinking back on the their last few encounters with strangers, are afraid to meet any new ones. But Odysseus, after a random selection, sends half of the weeping men under command of Eurylokhos off to investigate.

Outside Kirke's house lie subdued and spellbound wolves and mountain lions. Inside, Kirke sings while weaving on her loom. All the men - except for Eurylokhos, who suspects deceit - are reassured by this gentle behavior and enter. Kirke fixes them a feast and adds something to their drinks; once they drink it, they are turned into pigs. She shuts them in a pigsty while Eurylokhos runs back to alert the crew. Way to go Eurylochus!!