The Metamorphosis

I'm stuck on a few questions for Metamorphosis . Please help.

Why and how does Grete's attitude change towards Gregor?


Please help! thanks very much!

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We see Grete's attitude toward Gregor change in Chapter Two. After his metamorphosis, she takes great care to kake sure he's fed, or at least offered food. As time goes by, she seems overwhelmed by her tasks and begins to resent her role as caretaker, even though she took that role upon herself. In time, we see Grete consistently doing things to cause him discomfort: she runs through his room to open the window and she does not remove the sheet he uses to hide himself from her. Gregor assumes that, since she must realize that these things annoy him, she would not do them unless they were necessary. But Gregor cannot observe all this without feeling bitterness at no longer being treated as a member of the family. This is brought out by the differences between the ways the siblings treat each other. Gregor hides under the couch even when this is extremely uncomfortable and is willing to do four hours of work to cover himself with the blanket just so she won't have to see him. She, on the other hand, does not make such sacrifices, but rather attempts to do everything that duty demands of her in a way that would not put her to the trouble of actually having to deal with Gregor.