The Metamorphosis

how does the family effect Gregor through out the book and cause him to become more animistic at the end of the book

how does the family react to the change throughout the book?

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Throughout the novel, The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka, the author, demonstrates the parallel between his relationship with his family, and Gregor Samsa's relationship with his family, in addition to how Gregor came to chose to become the insect he was physically, after having already been one psychologically. Following the existentialist theory, Gregor allowed himself to become an insect, as he chose how he would let his family affect him. Ultimately, it was he that made the choice to become accustomed to the routine of his daily life, to shell himself from all intimacies, and to become wholly focused on his job, despite the fact that he despised it. Gregor Samsa was in full control of his own life, as he allowed his family to affect him, just like Kafka's had, as well as consenting to become an insect.

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In Metamorphosis, when Gregor transformed to an insect, his dad disrespects him and abuses him without realizing what Gregor accomplished for his family. His dad hurls apples at Gregor causing him to receive numerous injuries in his back and his sister, Grete was once patient of him but after days past, she became fed up with him and wanted him out of the flat as soon as possible which was her request to her parents. They kept Gregor secluded in his room making him more miserable and took away Gregor's furniture which he was so fond of. He became animistic in the end of the book as he didn't act as if he was a human and gave up being a human and started to act as an insect or vermin. His mom reaction was tremendous fear, his dad was truly frustrated and Grete was by far annoyed.