The Metamorphosis

gregors family

How dose Gregors death affect his family?

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After Gregor’s death, the family feels a great sense of relief. While you might think the family would mourn or regret the death of their son (or what use to be him) the father states, “now thanks be to God.” In fact, it is as if a great burden has been released from the Samsa’s lives. The father, mother and daughter, arm in arm, enter a new day. As Kafka describes, “a certain softness was perceptible in the fresh air.” On that day they decided to go on a trip to the countryside where they contemplate their futures and ponder the prospects of a husband for their daughter. While it is hard to imagine that they did not miss Gregor during his human life, they certainly were relieved that the responsibility of taking care of Gregor, the bug, was over.


They felt quite sad that he passed away but they knew its time to move on. They felt relieved that burden lifted off their shoulders after Gregor's death. Grete's parents and her had jobs now hence they thought about paying off their debts quickly and moving into a new flat. They wanted a flat smaller and more practical than Gregor's choice. As they were traveling to their new flat, they thought deeply about their future and prospects. Grete's parents also realize,Grete is blossoming to a beautiful lady and its time for them to find a husband for her.