The Metamorphosis

Does Gregors family help victimize Gregor and how does each of his family member contribute to Gregors oppression

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Gregor's family absolutely victimizes him when they realize he is of no more use to them.  His sister tries to be the nicest the longest, but she is ultimately put off by his appearance, his inability to communicate, and the way in which she can no longer pursue her dreams if he continues in his metamorphed state.  His parents find it necessary to bring in boarders to help pay their bills since Gregor is no loner earning money or paying back his boss for bills his father actually accrued.  At one point, his father even throws an apple at him which lodges in the back of his shell and finally contributes to his demise.  In all, he draws away from them and they begin to ignore him.  Their ultimate victimization occurs when, after his death, they hardly even miss him for a moment.  They move on in their lives; the father goes back to work and the sister works to pursue her music career.  He is gone and they could not care less.