The Metamorphosis

Do you think Kafka liked or hated gregor or both? Explain. Use Examples from the book.

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Yes, I believe the author liked the character of Gregor. He portrays Gregor as a patient, loyal family member, who takes on hardship and responsibility without complaint. Kafka wrote Gregor's character in an almost heroic way; here you have a man taking care of his entire family, who turns into an insect, and rather then feel sorry for himself goes on to deal with things in the best way he can. His first thoughts are never of himself, but of the way his actions and state (as a bug) affect the people around him.

Kafka also accentuates that Gregor never completely loses his human side, his emotions, his thoughts for other people. He puts others first up to and including the time of his death. His decisions and actions had always been in the best interests of his family, succumbing to death was a perfect example of his selflessness.