The Metamorphosis

Collections grade 10 guiding questions

one of Kafka's themes is isolation. what detail in these lines support this theme?

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I think that alienation and isolation go hand in hand. Even before his change, Gregor felt alienated from his job, his family, and even his own body. Gregor hates his job, which he finds meaningless. He feels his family uses him only to bring income to the house. Gregor feels numb to his own body and does not even notice when he begins to physically change. All of this leads to an isolation and estrangement from his life and his environment.

lines 1-8 what does kafka revel about the main charcters in the first paragraph

What inference can you make about the theme based on Gregor’s actions?

Based on the furst to paragraph's summarize what you know about yonis project

Does Gregor Samsa Actually become a bug or not? If he doens't then what does the bug symbolize?

If he does actually become a bug, why and how did He become that in the first place?