The Maze Runner

Who is your favorite character in The Maze Runner Series?

I mean in the maze runner, the scorch trials, the death cure, and the kill order

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Chuck is my favorite character, although he doesn't make it through the series. That would be why he's my favorite.... he was selfless and agve his life for a friend.

My humble opinion: Ben.

Ben was first introduced as he was going through The Changing, when Thomas walked in on it. During, he regained memories of Thomas, and according to Ben, it was enough to make him want Thomas dead.

After recovering from The Changing, Ben goes crazy and attempts to murder Thomas after he wandered off into the Deadheads. Ben says "He is evil!" And Alby tells him to stand down, but Ben does not. Alby prevented the murder by shooting him with a bow. The arrow lands in his cheek, and Thomas assumes that the boy was dead. This is later proved to be incorrect, as Chuck later tells Thomas that the arrow missed Ben's brain, and he has been healed by the Med-jacks. Ben begs for mercy and blames it on The Changing, which apparently was still controlling him. He was most likely killed anyway, however,as shortly afterwards, Ben is banished to The Maze,with the use of a metal pole with a rope that was tied around his neck [collar], where the Grievers most likely killed him, though it's never mentioned what happened to him. Thomas and Minho later found remains of Ben's clothing near the blades.

In the movie, Ben attacks Thomas in the forest but Thomas hits Ben with a skull and flees. Everyone comes over to help pry Ben off Thomas. Ben was banished soon after.



Chuck is mine too Jill! ;)

Well..... my favorite character of the maze runner is Minho. He has a tough mind, shows no emotions, and is hilarious. I laughed SO hard. He is SO funn5i. 


Minhos brain of wuv. :3

Well I have two it's Newt And Thomas. Ok just so you know the rest of it is a spoiler ok. So  even though Newt doesn't  make to the end of the death cure u still really like him. And Thomas does make it to the end but i don't think that he can live with himself after he had to kill Newt. I also think he is upset after Teresa died for him. But this is just spoiling the death cure if you haven't seen it soz.

Here are my favorite characters and non-favorites:



I honestly hate Teresa. She betrayed Thomas in The Scorch Trials and I found that really stupid of her. Really stupid of her. Who asked her to turn her back on Thomas anyways? I'm pretty sure it was Rat Man (Janson) I'm sure of it. Anyone else have that kind of feeling where you have to absolutely hate someone after they WERE your friend and then immediately turned your back on them when you got the chance? I don't have it . . .