The Maze Runner

Which Keeper makes the best recommendation? (Chapters 22-25) (Pages 139-163)

I need evidence, page number, and assertion.

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In my opinion, Frypan makes the best recommendation. He thinks Thomas should be placed on the Council and tasked with training all the other Gladers as to what he did. I prefer his recommendation to Minho's for one reason, and that is because I believe Minho should remain the Keeper of the Runners. Thomas' discoveries and action hold merit, but they are not perfect.

The cook smiled through his beard and sat up straighter. “Shank’s got more guts than I’ve fried up from every pig and cow in the last year.” He paused, as if expecting a laugh, but none came. “How stupid is this—he saves Alby’s life, kills a couple of Grievers, and we’re sitting here yappin’ about what to do with him. As Chuck would say, this is a pile of klunk.” Thomas wanted to walk over and shake Frypan’s hand—he’d just said exactly what Thomas himself had been thinking about all of this. “So what’re ya recommendin’?” Newt asked. Frypan folded his arms. “Put him on the freaking Council and have him train us on everything he did out there.”

In my PDF copy, this is found on Page 88. I'm sorry my page numbers do not match the ones you've given.


The Maze Runner