The Maze Runner

Whate trick did Chuck play on Gally in Chapter 5. How did Thomas react as first? How did he react a little later? Why?

QUESTIONS CHAPTERS 5-8 : Write in a short answer, not too much details.

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Chuck places a wooden box on the ground outside the bathroom window, reaches up, and taps on the window. A voice inside inquires who it is and the window opens. Chuck jumps up and screams at the top of his lungs sending the victim falling to the ground. Chuck takes off running. Thomas recognizes the voice of the angry boy inside. It is Gally.

Gally runs out of the bathroom and outside pursuing Chuck. He is stopped by Thomas who says that he did not do it. Gally asks how he knows something was done if he didnā€™t do it. Thomas realizes that Gally is not all that big and scary after all. He is uncomfortable but not scared of him anymore. He could take him if he had to. Gally threatens him regardless, telling him to decide who he wants for his friends and enemies. He tells Thomas that next time blood will be spilled if such a prank is played again. Gally storms off angrily.

Thomas turns to Chuck. Chuck says he would not have done it if he knew it was Gally inside. Thomas tells him not to apologize and finds himself laughing. He enjoyed it. He feels better though is surprised to hear himself laughing at all.