The Maze Runner

what political, social, economic, or cultural issues that may shape the story.

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This is a thematic question. Check out the information from Gradesaver below:

Apocalypse / Environmental Collapse

Though none of the Gladers can remember what happened to them before entering the Glade, clues suggest that a cataclysmic event took place in the recent path. As a result these children have been rounded up for participation in a cruel social experiment to test their will and perseverance, as well as their intelligence and ability to think and act under extreme pressure.

While it is not clearly expressed what exactly took place in the past, the Gladers suspect that the world as we know it no longer exists. As more of them go through the Changing and remember their past lives, this suspicion is confirmed. Alby is so repulsed by his memory of the real world that he has no desire to leave the Glade. When the Gladers do eventually emerge from the Maze, they see the effects of the Flare and the ravaged landscape. This setting, common in science fiction and fantasy, presents a world without order in which conventional ways of life have been all but eradicated. Humanity is reduced a struggle to survive. It functions as a sort of "re-setting" of society and civilization.

Civilization vs. Savagery

The Gladers' treatment of Ben and his sentencing and punishment bring about feelings of intense guilt in Thomas and highlight the savage rule of law that governs the Glade. Thomas does not feel that it is ethical or humane, and that it reflects the mindset of a culture bent on survival by any means necessary.

This savagery is also expressed by the Creators themselves. They have chosen to subject orphans to a horrific experiment, though they believe their intentions to be good. Dashner presents a world in which catastrophic events have driven human beings to resort to their most base and savage instincts. The Creators believe in their efforts despite the obvious toll.

Order vs Chaos

The Gladers rely on order, one of their primary rules, to maintain their way of life. Order gives their lives in the Glade regularity, hope, and purpose. Without it, the crushing reality of their situation would give way to despair and they would give up or turn on each other. Order allows them to maintain a community instead of fighting against one other.

The Maze is chaotic. It changes every night, making it nearly impossible to map and solve. In the Maze there is no mercy and normal rules do no apply. The Grievers have no set of ethics and extreme caution must be employed at all times. Unlike the Glade, it is not a safe place. The Glade is set in stark contrast to the Maze as a place where some form of civilization still exists - perhaps moreso than in the real world.