The Maze Runner

What happened to Jorge's Berg in The Death Cure?

What happened to Jorge's Berg in The Death Cure? I would like a brief description for this question. You must provide evidence to support your position.

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Jorge survived the final trials. What specific kinds of information did you require?

teresa attacked the guards along with the other subjects. jorge was in the berg hangar and was greeted by his friends. newt snarkily told him to tell them the whole story before janson's men came. so he said that 7-8 launchers were aimed at his chest, a blonde chick whacked him over the head with the butt of her gun, saw them haul old tony along and then were gone, he woke up, saw their ugly faces staring down at them. said that's all he knows.

Jill i think what knightleigh is saying is provide the conversation evidence.

Yes that is exactly it, Emmanuelle.