The Maze Runner

What feelings or thoughts or doubts does Thomas have about the girl?

The girl.

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Thomas finds the girl to be truly beautiful Despite her condition, there is color in her skin and she appears healthy. Thomas admits to Newt that he knows her from somewhere, but isn’t sure where. He keeps concentrating when suddenly he hears a voice in his head say a name: Teresa.

Thomas jolts from his chair. He asks Newt if he just said something or if the girl did. Newt replies that the answer is no. He tells Newt that he heard the name Teresa. Newt chalks it up to Thomas simply remembering something from his past. Thomas disagrees. It was as if someone spoke inside his mind. He hears the voice again. This time it says his name. It is a girl’s voice. He tells Newt that the girl is communicating with him.

The voice tells him not to freak out. They are the last ones, it says. “We can pass the Trials. It has to end. They sent me as a trigger”, it says.

Thomas can’t handle it. He runs out of the room, out of the Homestead, and out of the Glade into the Maze. Still, the voice persists. “It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us.”


He finds her beauty awesome.