The Maze Runner

my questions for the maze runner book!

what had changed in chapter 34? what did thomas think the change meant? why?





why was thomas surprised they were going into the maze? what unusual site did they witness?


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As Thomas studies the sky beyond the canopy, he sees it is a dull gray instead of the pale light of morning. Looking at his watch he sees that it is a full hour past his mandatory wake time. The sky is simply gray. The sun has disappeared.

Thomas finds most of the Gladers gathered around the entrance to the Box, pointing up at the sky. The sun's disappearance has thrown the day's routine into chaos. Thomas finds himself less concerned than the others. He is even a bit embarrassed to see them so panicked. The sun obviously hasn't disappeared. That would be impossible. Their sky must be artificial, something fabricated by the Creators. The sun that had shown down on them for these two years must also have been fake. Everything about the Glade must also be fake. Thomas can't