The Maze Runner

How is Teresa's and Thomas's relationship developed in these chapters? (Chapters 36-38) (Pages 233-255)

I need an assertion and 2 pieces of evidence, with the page number.

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Once again, Teresa is used as a catalyst for change, rather than existing as a character in her own right. Her awakening is synonymous with the Ending. The game now moves into its final stages. Thomas's fascination with her continues. He has a strong desire to make physical contact with her but is too shy or embarrassed to do so.

But just as he is becoming close to her, she is taken away from him and imprisoned. Thomas's sense of rage becomes palpable. He has a strong desire to strike Alby. For the hero, the goddess character is his ultimate goal. When Teresa is taken away from him, Thomas's instinct is to protect her, even wishing he could join her in the Slammer to be with her. The imprisonment or captive state of the goddess character is common in the hero myth. Consider how chivalrous Thomas becomes as Teresa regains consciousness.