The Maze Runner

How does Thomas's changing push the plot forward? Ch. 48-52 Pg. 298-319

I need an assertion with 2 pieces of evidence and the page number.

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No one says anything for a long time. Thomas explains that there's a reason everyone who's been through the Changing remembers him. He and Teresa were part of the Maze Trials, but against their will. They helped design the Maze. He tells them about the telepathic link they share. Thomas explains that he's telling them all this now to gain their trust. He lets this information settle in. Surprisingly, no one seems to be angry. Newt says aloud that its the Creators who put them there, not Teresa or Thomas. Minho wants to hear more about the escape plan. Thomas continues. There is a computer room, he says, in a place they've never looked. They need to enter the code into a terminal there. The Grievers will be all over them. Many of them won't survive. Newt asks where this place is. Thomas says it's over the Cliff, down the Griever Hole.