The Maze Runner

How does Thomas save Alby in chapters 12-20 ???

lol im confused.

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Thomas can’t leave a friend to die. He drags Alby onto his back and lifts him off the ground, but falls to the ground. Alby is too heavy. He grabs Alby by the arms and finally manages to drag him up the wall and lean him against it.

Thomas looks up at the ivy growing on the wall. Minho had dismissed the idea before but Thomas believes he has a plan. He tears down some of the vines. They are quite thick and strong. Thomas begins pulling down several of them, creating a series of climbing ropes. They hold his weight.

The sounds in the Maze become louder still. Thomas begins to lift Alby’s body off the ground with a painstaking series of steps. He ties Alby’s body in one spot with the vines, then pushes him up, then re-ties him. In this manner, he is able to get Alby off the ground. When he had completely depleted his energy, Thomas knew that the two Gladers were now where they would have to hide or make their stand.