The Maze Runner

Describe the banishment ceremony. How did Thomas feel about it? Why?


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Thomas watches as the collar is fastened around Ben’s neck. Ben’s eyes glisten with tears and snot runs from his nostrils. He begins to plead with Alby, claiming it was only the Changing that made him do it. “I never would’ve killed him - just lost my mind for a second”, he pleads.

Thomas can’t stand listening to his pleading. He is wracked with guilt. Is this boy going to die now because of him? Alby ignores Ben’s pleas. He grips the pole tight while facing the crowd. His eyes are bloodshot and his breathing heavy. Thomas decides that Alby suddenly looks evil. Ben looks helpless, thin, pale, and scrawny.

Alby ceremoniously proclaims that the Keepers have decided to banish Ben for the crime of the attempted murder of Thomas the Newbie. Thomas hates having his name be publically tied to Ben’s banishment. He just wants all of this to be over.

The Keepers step out from the crowd and grab the Pole. Thomas suddenly finds himself wondering why Ben has to be punished like this. Isn’t there anything that can be done to help him? Ben begins frantically screaming for mercy and help. Thomas can’t even bear to look at him.

His cries are cut short by the sound of the East Door beginning to close. Alby orders the Keepers to push, forcing the condemned boy out into the Maze.