The Masque of Blackness

answer the following questions please

1. the chief symptom associated with the red death is :



c.death pain

2. how is the story's setting characteristic of an allegory?

f. it takes place in an unnamed time and place

g. it takes place during a plague

h. it focuses on one character

i. it deals with events that happened centuries ago

3. the revellers avoid the black room because

a. it's too dark

b.the music can't be heard there

c. the room is too crowded

d. the light in the room shines blood-red

4. what effect does the striking of the clock have on the revellers

f. they dance more wildly

g. they laugh uncontrollably

h. they gather in the seventh room

i. they stop and listen fearfully

5. what symbolic object ceased to function after the revellers died?

a the clock

b. the black room

c. the masked figure

d. the orchestra

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Number1 b

Number2 f

Number3 d