The Marrow of Tradition

who gets mr delameres estate

marrow of tradition

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Mr. Delamere left $3000.00 to his servant Sandy, a few bequeaths to others, and the remainder of his estate to Dr. Miller (he would work as trustee on behalf of the hospital).

This will is hidden immediately after his death.

"He thereupon dictated a will, by the terms of which he left to his servant, Sandy Campbell, three thousand dollars, as a mark of the testator's appreciation of services rendered and sufferings endured by Sandy on behalf of his master. After some minor dispositions, the whole remainder of the estate was devised to Dr. William Miller, in trust for the uses of his hospital and training-school for nurses, on condition that the institution be incorporated and placed under the management of competent trustees. Tom Delamere was not mentioned in the will.

"There, Belmont," he said, "that load is off my mind. Now, if you will call in some witnesses,—most of my people can write,—I shall feel entirely at ease."

The will was signed by Mr. Delamere, and witnessed by Jeff and Billy, two servants in the house, neither of whom received any information as to its contents, beyond the statement that they were witnessing their master's will. "I wish to leave that with you for safe keeping, Belmont," said Mr. Delamere, after the witnesses had retired. "Lock it up in your safe until I die, which will not be very long, since I have no further desire to live."


The Marrow of Tradition/ Chapter 27

Oh.......... this was the will. In case you wanted to move beyond the will that 'disappears,' Tom Delamere gets it ALL!


The Marrow of Tradition