The Marrow of Tradition

What are the characteristics of Dr. Miller?

In the Novel "The Marrow of Tradition"

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Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller is an African American doctor of mixed race in the town of Wellington. He is a very educated man who studied in Europe and is well respected in his field. He purposefully came back to his hometown of Wellington to open a hospital for the black community. The novel's climax is Dr. Miller's search for his wife and son and his decision to treat the Carteret's sick son.


Who is he as a black man?

He is an example of an upwardly mobile Black Man of the times. He was educated in Europe (Paris and Vienna I think) and is certainly a unique character given the context of the times. He is seen as a threat to both white hierarchy and white male authority.

Thank you. Why do you think he was a threat to blacks and whites?

To whites, he represented an intelligent cultured man who went against the stereotyped racist ideology of the time. He was in fact more intelligent than most white men. They found this threatening. To black men he represented a departure from the ingrained inferior role they played in white society.

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What is his relationship with Janet?